Singer / Songwriter & Actress

Gayla Marie LeJeune de Guise


In the late 80's, as I drove down Santa Monica Blvd on the way to my waitress job at Christo's Cajun Restaurant (Christo is Greek), I heard the Zydeco song "Don't Mess with my Toot Toot" come on the radio and looked up and saw a billboard advertising the McCajun chicken sandwich.


Because I was born and raised in South Louisiana, and, in fact, couldn't be more Cajun (with my full-blooded Acadian parents) this sudden popular interest in my culture flooded my mind with curiosity.


This questioning placed me on a journey of research that I still walk today.  My first 2 CDs were born out of my desire to express, as a singer/songwriter, my appreciation for the new information that I learned about my culture reconciled with the experiences that I'd had growing up immersed in it.